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What makes your business and brand unique lives right within you… it’s your magic: your differentiator …it’s what makes you stand out and sparkle amidst the sea of sameness. ✨

When you align your brand and business to your purpose, it makes it so much easier for you to show up in ways that feel light and full of ease and flow.

That means you get to be YOU in your business.


  • You’ll magnetically attract clients that align with your energy

  • Sharing your passion, purpose, and expertise comes naturally

  • Your offers align to the transformation you provide your clients

  • You discover ways to show up that feels lighter and energetically aligned

  • Your impact and your income increases with ease

Hey there Friend!

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I'm Barb Pritchard of Infinity Brand Design

Intuitive brand designer & strategist for soulful businesses

Spiritual entrepreneurs have the power to help create amazing change in this beautiful world we live in by helping others break out of their status quo to experience true, life-changing growth.

But you have to be seen and get your message heard.

My mission is to empower beautiful souls like you to envision and embody your magic so you become magnetic to your star clients. Because with each client you serve, they pay that magical goodness forward... perpetuating a world of do-gooders doing super goodness. And isn't that what this glorious life is all about?


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